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Burbank Blog

A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

Burbank's top tips for first homebuyers


So you’re buying your first home and need some tips from an award-winning builder? You’re in the right place champion. Listed below are a series of top tips I’ve collated from the crème of the Burbank crop (you’re welcome), to assist you in entering one of the wildest experiences of your life with a noggin’ full of knowledge and the assurance that your journey will be smooth sailing with the help of a few handy tips.
“The biggest tip I have for first homebuyers would be to ensure they know what their budget is for both their house and their land, and to know when their land is titling (in some cases it can be as long as 9 months, which gives buyers more time to save). It can be a daunting experience, but working with a New Home Consultant and having them guide the path for you makes the process much more seamless. Once you know your budget, establish the area/region/estate you'd like to live in and let the consultants find options to present to them- then all that's left is to choose the home design most suited to you!"
“An important thing to look for when purchasing a first home is adaptability; families are always evolving so it's a good idea to plan ahead. Unlike purchasing a new car, a home is a huge investment, so you should craft it to stand the test if time.
If you view your first home as just a stepping stone to something greater, then selecting options and colours that will appeal to a variety of people is a good way to heighten your chances of increasing return, as it will make the home more appealing to buyers when the time comes to sell up and move on.
By contrast, If you intend to stay in the home for years to come, then you should definitely select the fittings and colours that most appeal to you. Be cautious when selecting on-trend items as they can date quickly and instead try to select elegant items rather than something new and very quirky.
Have a think about what you want and what you can afford and have a list of ordered priorities- don’t be afraid to make compromises on your list and don’t let the small things get in the way of good design. All too often I see homes that tick all of the boxes but nothing actually works, and that additional room you couldn't live without actually compromises the entire layout of the home."
"First homebuyers need to have a clear goal and if that goal is to get into the property market, then they need to understand it most likely won’t be their dream home… Don’t be afraid to consider the regional areas as they are much more affordable, offer great rental return and often have accessible transport links to central business districts.
The most common thing I see holding many people my age (mid 20’s) back is the struggle with the fact that they can’t buy in the suburb they grew up in and are worried about living an hour from the city… And the longer the wait the more expensive the outer greenfield suburbs have grown.
My husband and I bought our first home five years ago in Bacchus Marsh- it wasn’t our dream home but it got us in the market and paid off with some price growth, making the purchase of our second home much easier.
So in sum, I’d say don’t be afraid to check out the regional spots. After all, you can always jump on a train to the city- it’s usually quicker than peak hour bumper to bumper and is a pretty easy way to travel!”
How’s that for some industry insight? If you’d like to view our designs, many of which were created with the first homebuyer in mind, head here for VIC,NSW/ACT,QLD and SA.
You’re welcome!