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A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

How to design your dream home to include a workspace


Whether you have kids that need to study, or you require an at home office, we have got you covered!
Damjan Jeremic, our Head of Research and Design has helped us put together a checklist of things to consider when designing a workspace in your home.

The first and probably the most important thing to think about when designing a home office is where it will be located.
Consider you and/or your family members working style and the nature of the work, as well as the needs of the people you live with.
When determining placement in the home, ask yourself what you will be using the space for and then make the decision on where it should be in the home. For example, if you are using the space for meetings or greeting customers, it is best if the office is close to the entrance of your home.
You may also want the flexibility of a workspace that can change to become a media room or another bedroom for a guest. Make the most of your space!

Ideally, a workspace should be in a quiet area.

If it is going to be used as an office, you will require some privacy. This is especially important if you share the house with a spouse or children.

Mr Jeremic says “The study nook option has traditionally appealed to parents with children to double as a place to do homework and as a home office, but if more people are planning to work from home there will be increased demand for dedicated studies with doors for privacy and concentration purposes.”

If you will be on the phone frequently, you will need quiet in the background when you have meetings and not the sound of the washing machine or kids fighting.

If noise is a potential issue you may wish to add sound insulation to the internal walls of the office space to further block out any household noise.
If the workspace is going to be your office, you are going to be spending eight hours or more in this area every day.  You want the home office to be comfortable and an inviting place to spend time and to get your work done efficiently.

Consider how you will move in the space. Is there enough space to slide out the chair? Can you comfortably complete the work required?

Make sure that when you design your home, you have access to natural lighting in your workspace. Studies have shown that by having exposure to natural light, it has a wide range of health benefits including increased productivity. Dark, cramped and unappealing spaces may harm your ability to work efficiently, not to mention your psyche.

If you are working with computers or other screens, make sure you allow for the angles of natural light through the day and avoid glare. A sheer roller blind or curtains can be added to soften the space and reduce glare whilst allowing a view to the outside space.
When having a window, think about the view. Planting a small garden bed or tree outside the window along the fence line will create some nice scenery as opposed to looking at the side fence.

Before tackling the cosmetic aspects, spend time on your tech setup.

You will need high-speed internet access. Is your home’s internet service adequate for your consumption needs? Will the wi-fi reach? When having your internet installed, get the data point in the area which relays back to the home hub for a hard-wired connection. An additional independent phone line can also be a good idea.

You will also need to look at the power outlets, are there enough? Will the placement of the furniture allow for access to them? You do not want to design the perfect workspace then realise you don’t have power in the places you need it!

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