Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild
knock down rebuild
New home, same address.

Stay near your local cafe.

Stay by your local park.

Stay close to your children's school.

Stay with your loved ones.

Rebuild home in Victoria

The Revival 

Do you dream about a brand new home but don’t want to move address? When you build with Burbank you don’t have to – we can help you revive your address without moving.

Demolishing an existing home and building new is the perfect solution for those who want a brand new home, but don’t want to move address – nor live through the nightmare of renovations.

The team at Burbank is here to help guide you through all the steps: from knocking down your existing home and preparing your site for construction, to choosing which brand new Burbank home to build and handing over your keys – and every step in between.

Following are some fast facts you might not know about demolishing your existing home and building new.

Knock Down Rebuild Building Process

Dreaming of building a new home, but can’t bear to leave your neighbourhood? You don’t have to...
If you love your neighbourhood, local cafes, schools and shops, but your house needs a major overhaul, then the decision is easy. You don’t need to pack up and move, just choose a new Burbank home you love and we will guide you through every step of knocking down your old house and building your brand new Burbank home. Whether you opt for one of our single or double storey detached homes, or a cleverly-compact duplex living option – once you’ve decided to build new without moving address, Burbank has you covered!

The fun begins! You get to choose your beautiful, brand new Burbank home which your Sales Consultant will then position on your block. You will need to provide your Sales Consultant with a copy of your Title and Plan of Subdivision. You can obtain a copy online for a small fee by visiting

Burbank will also check planning requirements with your Local Council to determine any special building regulations and town planning requirements.

Once a design and quotation have been completed with your Sales Consultant, you will then need to pay your deposit. This will secure your new home’s base price and any associated promotion/s. Your Sales Consultant will then arrange a mutually-convenient appointment to meet you at your property for a site inspection and order a Soil Report and Site Feature Survey. We will then be able to provide you with preliminary site costs.

Next, your Sales Consultant will work with you to finalise your New Home Order, ensuring your home is personalised exactly the way you want it.

Once you have provided your finance pre-approval to your Sales Consultant, your file will be forwarded to our team at head office who will look after you from here.

The Facts

A demolition is the removal of an existing structure from a site. This includes clearing the site of all building material and debris above and below ground, examples may include all existing foundations, underground services, footing systems, septic tanks and paving. It may also involve the removal of trees, tree stumps and roots, noncompliant retaining walls, front fences and possibly stabilisation of neighbouring assets.
Building new on your existing site means you can improve the value of your property while staying in your very own neighbourhood, close to family and friends. You won’t have the hassles and expenses which come with selling a property, nor will you have to pay the stamp duty costs associated with buying. And, you’ll have a beautiful, brand new Burbank home to enjoy in the area you love.

Burbank will help you obtain two obligation-free quotes from professional and reputable demolition service providers. You can also seek quotes from a demolition service provider of your choice. Once you have decided upon your preferred demolition service provider, you arrange the demolition directly with them which will include the organisation of all demolition permits, fees and inspections.

Note: should asbestos or contaminated soil be discovered on your site, it will have to be removed in accordance with strict regulations which will result in additional charges and possible delays.

A Building Permit ensures your new home will comply with all building regulations.

A Town Planning Permit is an application to your Local Council for permission to develop or use land for a particular purpose. Generally, a planning permit is not required for a rebuild, although sometimes there may be an overlay on your title placed by your Local Council. Burbank will be able to check for you and advise what permits are needed. If a Town Planning Permit is required, this must be granted by the Council, provided to Burbank and lodged with the Building Permit Application. Please note time frames vary, dependent on the Council.

Burbank will help you obtain a Town Planning Permit, if a permit is required. With access to town planning professionals and extensive knowledge in this area, Burbank will guide you through your application.
Site costs are all costs which arise from building your home on your block of land and connecting services such as sewerage, electricity and stormwater. Other site costs can include the addition of retaining walls, agricultural drains and silt pits; compliance with Local Council regulations; bushfire requirements; the levelling of your site and upgrading your slab requirements based on the engineers’ recommendations.
There are many variables which determine site costs including soil classification, site fall (slope of land), location of established trees (including adjoining neighbours’ trees) and easements. Burbank will obtain a Soil Report and a Site Feature Survey of your site before your home is demolished. We will then be able to provide you with preliminary site costs. After the demolition is completed, we will obtain a second Soil Report and Survey, together with an engineered design of the footings of your new home, to provide you with your final site costs.
A Soil Test is carried out on your block to determine the soil conditions. A Geotechnical Engineer will visit your site, drill a series of holes and analyse the soil to determine its classification. An Engineer can then design the slab of your new home in accordance with the results of the Soil Test.
This Survey will show all existing conditions on your block of land. A Surveyor will visit your site and prepare a Site Feature Survey by locating features on the site including services, fences, trees, pits, neighbours’ homes, ground level and contours. The Survey will determine the site fall or slope of the land, which is shown as a series of contour lines. All the information contained in the Site Feature Survey is analysed to assist with the preparation of your site costs.
A Re-establishment Survey is an accurate identification of a property’s title and boundaries. Burbank will order this Survey from a Licenced Land Surveyor who will check and re-install boundary pegs to determine the exact boundaries before construction of your home begins.

As the holder of all service accounts, you will need to speak to your service providers to arrange the disconnection of services, removal and capping of all services to the boundary line, and the provision for renewed service connection points. You’ll then need to supply Burbank with copies of the Disconnection of Supply documents from power and gas retailers.

Your existing water tapping may be acceptable, provided it complies with current water authority regulations. An underground electricity pit must be provided. If you have overhead power lines, these will need to be assessed on an individual basis.

Burbank is one of the few large builders who will happily make modifications to our plans to suit your needs and your block. By personalising our large range of flexible floor plans with our huge range of options, you are able to play a part in designing your own home without the expense of an architect^.
It’s easy. Simply visit one of our display homes and speak to one of our friendly Sales Consultants or call us on 13 BURBANK (13 2872).

^ Subject to design approval. Burbank does not build basement garaging.


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