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We've put together this cheat sheet to cover the basics of building a new home and to help
kick-start your new dream. Let's go!

Building Your Home

Once you’ve decided building new is right for you, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration before buying your block.

1. Budget - Make sure you get your finances sorted! Find out how much you can afford to spend before you begin your plans. Chatting to a New Home Consultant about your ambitions early on is a good way to find the style of home most suited to the restrictions of your budget.

2. Land – How deep and wide is your land? Will the home you love fit on the block you’ve got, and will it be in the best orientation? If you haven’t got land yet, don’t be afraid to buy in towns you may not have typically envisioned yourself in- regional towns can be far more affordable than centralised spots, while still having accessible links to metro cities.

3. Design - What do you want and what do you need in your new home? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and car spaces will your family need? What are the aspects you can’t live without, and which elements have a little room for compromise?

4. Decoration - How do you want your home to look and feel? Which colours, appliances, fixtures and fittings appeal to you? What about window and floor coverings? Flick through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, and of course visit our display homes to see fabulous design come to life – you can’t do enough research.

Remember, our New Home Consultants are always on hand to help, and it’s their job to ensure the home you choose is one you’ll adore!


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