Knockdown Rebuild in Adelaide and South Australia

We are experts in knockdown and rebuilding homes in Adelaide and South Australia.


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Do you love the location of your block but want to update your home? While renovating is an option, it can also be expensive, disruptive and downright stressful. Plus, if you really want to give your home a total revamp, you probably need more than a renovation… that’s where the knock-down rebuild comes in!

The experienced team at Burbank will lead you through every stage of the process including organising the demolition of your old home, sub-dividing and rebuilding a new home or multiple dwellings on one block – plus all of the legal, financial and developmental responsibilities that come with it.

Talk to us today about how simple the process can be.

Our specialist services are free of charge and include:

A face-to-face design meeting

An invitation to attend a new home estimate meeting

Our construction team will conduct a preliminary inspection of your site

An experienced team guiding you

The knock-down rebuild procedure

Stage 1

Find the right plan

Your knock-down rebuild consultant will assess your property and help you find the most suitable floorplan for the block.

Stage 2

Pay your deposit

Your consultant will prepare a New Home Estimate and house siting. On acceptance of your New Home Estimate you will make an initial works payment towards drawings and a more detailed costing - our New Home Proposal.

Stage 3

Site survey & soil test

Your knock-down rebuild consultant will assess your property and help you find the most suitable floorplan for the block.

Stage 4

Construction team visit

Burbank's construction team will visit your site to determine building requirements and access.

Stage 5

Choose your colours

Your consultant will present your New Home Proposal and drawings. On acceptance of your New Home Proposal you will be required to make an additional payment towards the preparation of your HIA contract and working drawings. You will also be contacted by our Interior Designer to complete your material and colour selections.

Stage 6

Receive your HIA contract

Your consultant will present your HIA contract with your selections and working drawings. On acceptance of this contract you will be required to pay the balance of the $5,000 initial payment.

Stage 7


We will lodge plans and documents for council approval. Demolition approval will be required before council will finalise approvals for your new dwelling.

Stage 8

You’re ready to start

On receiving council approved plans we will undertake final checks and all documentation including final working drawings will be completed.

Stage 9

New home construction

On receiving a commencement instruction from your lending authority, we will refer your build to our Construction team. All orders and documentation will be sent to contractors and suppliers for the site start of your new Burbank home.