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The knock down rebuild process

How complex is the knock down rebuild process? There are a few options you'll need to consider before commencing on this journey, so to help out, we've detailed how the process works. Enjoy!

The knock down rebuild is the perfect option for those who love their current address, but who crave a new home. Rather than enduring a messy renovation or finding new land to build on that comes with the expense of stamp-duty and a whole lot of hassle, the knock down rebuild process allows you remain in an area you love for a much cheaper price than moving to a new address- seems like a smart idea to us.

But what exactly is the process? Let’s take a look.

Find a plan you love suited to your block

Once you have made the decision to knock down and rebuild, we would advise you get in touch with the team who will take you through the process. Your New Home Consultant will help you carefully select a home design suited to both the needs of your family and the restraints of your block. Take a look at the designs we feature in QLD,NSW/ACT, SA and VIC, some of which are brand new to the collection.

Burbank will then check planning requirements with your local council to check if special building regulations are required for your build. After this, and once you have happily chosen your design, you’ll pay your deposit and we’ll get a site inspection underway.

Soil Report and Site Feature Survey

We will come to your property for a site inspection as well as to organise a soil report, a process designed to establish the condition of your soil for classification. A site feature survey will also take place, that will highlight the existing conditions of your block by locating features on your site including services, trees, fences, pits, ground level, contours and so on. This information helps establish the preparation of your site costs.

Demolish your old place

Then it will come time to demolish your old place- you’ll need to organise alternative accommodation at this point. Once you’ve selected your demolition provider, you’ll arrange the demolition with them separately, including the organisation of all demolition permits, fees and inspections.

Build your new place

You’ve knocked it down and now it is time to rebuild it! The time it takes to build homes greatly varies, but we would usually predict it will take around 6-12 months, depending on the complication of the build.

Too easy!

To find out more about the knock down rebuild process, or to get started on yours, call 13 BURBANK today!

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