First Home Buyer Tips


We've put together this cheat sheet to cover the basics of building a new home and to help
kick-start your new dream. Let's go!

Choosing Your Block

Once you've decided building new is right for you, you'll need to take a few things into consideration before buying your block.

1. Establish how much you have to spend and the suburb you see yourself living in.

2. Consider what size and style of home you want before you choose your block, or you may end up in a situation where your perfect home won’t fit on your purchased land.

3. Before you buy, ask how long it’s going to take for your land to title and when it will be ready to build on.

4. Find out how well the area is planned in terms of roads, transport and shops - will it fit with the needs of your family? And is the area serviced by amenities, such as local parks, schools and sporting facilities?

Choosing Your Home

With so many designs on offer, where are you meant to begin?!

If you’d like a single storey, a double, are looking to nest or to invest, Burbank have got the home design to suit.

One of the best ways to begin the process of choosing a design suited to the requirements of your family would be to visit a handful of Burbank’s display homes. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the homes, making note of what you like and what you don’t, and have a chat with one of our New Home Consultants who can use their wealth of knowledge to advise which of our designs will best cater to your needs.

Displays are a fabulous inspiration for what kind of look and feel you’d like for your home, which is why we advise this as a starting point.

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