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Discover 9 of the most popular new home upgrades

Choosing home upgrades is a very personal thing when building your new home. What is going to make you feel comfortable and add value depends on what is important to you.
Perhaps you love cooking and want to upgrade your kitchen benchtops and lighting, or you might have pets or children and need a more durable carpet type.
Whatever your preference, choosing upgrades during your new home construction is not only an exciting process, but it can add value to your lifestyle now and to the home’s sale price in the future.

  1. Front door
As the saying goes, first impressions count. The front door is the focal point of any façade and provides people with a sense of the home’s style inside. It’s important to select a door that fits the character of your home while providing safety and security. Improved energy efficiency is also key, keeping the warmth in during winter and out during summer. Our timber style doors with a stain finish are very popular.
  1. Downlights
These are a popular new home upgrade as they are environmentally friendly and a great source of light. Downlights are sleek and stylish with design flexibility and can be lower maintenance than traditional light fixtures. We find that LED downlights are often chosen as they are energy-saving but still provide plenty of brightness.
  1. Carpet
Upgrading to a solution dyed nylon carpet is a popular choice due to its durability and the fact it is incredibly hardwearing, fade and stain resistant. This type of nylon carpet is coloured all the way through the fibre during production, rather than dye being applied after the fibre is spun.
  1. Door hardware
A popular choice is upgrading internal and external door hand handles to levers rather than knobs. They are generally easier to use, especially for children and the elderly – or if you’re using an elbow while carrying the shopping – and have a sleek and more modern look that suits new homes. We have a variety of options and finishes to choose from to suit your home’s style.
  1. Kitchen Benchtops
The kitchen can be considered the heart of the home – it is often the focal point of the whole house. Upgrading kitchen benchtops is a popular choice and we offer flexibility with colours and textures to help you make your selection. Marble-look stone is very popular at the moment for its bold luxe appearance, but without the price tag of real marble.
  1. Victorian ash timber staircase
Victorian ash timber stairs are a top home upgrade that adds value and are a popular choice when building a double storey home. We offer a range of styles and colour choices. While carpet reduces noise and is soft underfoot, Victorian ash timber is more durable and much easier to keep clean and will give a more contemporary look.
  1. Pot drawers
Upgrading to pot drawers is an easy storage solution in your new kitchen. Pots and pans or other cooking utensils or electrical items can be easily accessed without having to open cupboard doors and remove shelves. Adding in at least three pot drawers is ideal to add storage and reduce obstacles in the busy kitchen. This is also considered as one of the luxury home upgrades.
  1. Air conditioning
Air conditioning gives flexibility to cool different zones of the home. It is much more cost effective to install air conditioning when you build. Retrofitting a refrigerated system can be costly and can sometimes involve removing parts of the roof, which could impact your home's warranty. Even installing spilt systems after building can have a negative impact on the aesthetic of your home.
  1. Soft close hinges
Upgrading to soft close hinges prevents marks, cracks, and dents from forming on cabinet doors and drawers due to them slamming. Soft close hinges are very popular due to extending the life of the cabinetry, while also being a quieter option and giving a more high-end feel to your kitchen.
Talk to our expert sales consultants about Burbank’s huge range of premium home features and best home upgrades that suit your new home.

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