The Building Process

How does the building process actually work? So glad you asked. While every build will differ slightly, the construction of a home and its progression from design selection to settlement follows roughly the same timeline.

Fall in Love with a Design

Once you’ve found a design you love, an outcome that you’ve no doubt reached after enduring countless hours in display homes, on builder’s websites and stalking the Instagram images of architectural masterpieces, you’ll need to place your initial deposit. You’ll receive a formal quotation from your New Home Consultant, then pay the deposit (your tender acceptance fee) to lock in the base price and prepare your new home building contract. You’ll also need to speak to your bank/mortgage broker at this stage to ensure you are in the position to receive a loan.

Contract Stage

All documentation for your contract is prepared and sent out to you to you to sign. The final part of the deposit is also due to be paid at this point.

Colours Stage

The fun part. If you build with Burbank, you'll spend some time at our Edge Selection Studio, a showroom bustling with potential options for the internal and external fixtures of your new home. Equipped with a interior designer who lives and breathes decor, you'll be working with the most creative and stylish in the business.

Electrical and Consultation

This is where you'll select all of the electrical fittings for your home, and learn about all of the amazing advances we have seen in the last couple of years in technology. This can be overwhelming, however a half day spent at the Edge will have you sorted.

Permits and Ordering Stage

Once the contract is signed, your builder will obtain all required permits to begin construction. You’ll need to have unconditional finance approval from your lender and go through a checklist to make sure your site is ready for construction with things like clearing debris and cutting the grass. Then, your final construction drawings will be completed, and you’ll need to sign and return them. The very last thing to do before your home begins construction will be the ordering of materials from their suppliers in preparation for site start.


Your dream home is about to come to life before your eyes. But what is the process of the build itself? Let’s have a look.

1. Slab pouring (laying your home’s foundations)

2. Framing (support structures installed)

3. Enclosed (windows, walls and roof erected)

4. Fixing (plumbing, electrical and other design features all installed)

5. Practical Completion (your home is almost complete...)

6. Pick up your keys and move in!

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