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The knock down rebuild process

What happens when you can’t bring yourself to leave your neighbourhood, but have outgrown your home or it needs an overhaul?... Look no further than a Knockdown rebuild!

The Knockdown rebuild process can be the perfect option for people who love where they live, but crave a new home and can’t stomach the mess and stress of living amid a renovation site.

Similarly, it is often the preferred option for those who can’t find the ideal block of land to build on or aren’t willing to shoulder the added expense of stamp duty.

“Choosing a Knockdown rebuild means you will be able to stay in your neighbourhood longer-term and build a new home for a much cheaper price than buying an established property elsewhere,” Anthony Garrubba – Burbank’s National General Manager said.

“Our expert team at Burbank is available to help every step of the way, whether in the planning process, design phase, logistics or helping to ensure your new home ticks all the boxes.”

So, what is the process, and how can you make it as streamlined and stress-free as possible? Here are some things you will need to consider.

1)    First stop: council
Before you start drawing up designs for your knockdown rebuild project, your first port of call should be your local council’s planning officers.

The council will be able to advise if there are any restrictions on demolishing your existing home and constructing a new property, as well as the required permits and approvals that will be needed to facilitate the project and engage a trusted builder to help.

Burbank will then check planning requirements with your local council to check if special building regulations are required for your build. After this, and once you have happily chosen your design, you’ll pay your deposit and we’ll get a site inspection underway.


2)    Choose your house design and be aware of your block during this process
Once you have made the decision to knockdown and rebuild, and you have sought preliminary advice from the council, the expert team at Burbank is available to guide you through the process and help you find your perfect home design from the hundreds of design options on offer.

“Our Burbank knockdown rebuild specialists can assist you in selecting a home design that suits the needs of your family and lifestyle, and will take into consideration any strengths and limitations of your block,” Mr. Garrubba said.

“You will need to consider the block’s size and orientation, as well as accessibility for neighbouring homes, planning regulations and any restrictions, such as covenants.”

Burbank will check all of the planning requirements with the local council to determine if special building regulations are required for your build or there are any restrictions that will need to be navigated.

Once the council has given the tentative green light and you’re happy with your design, you will be expected to pay a deposit and Burbank will get a site inspection underway.

FAQ: What’s the cost to build a new home? 
The cost to build a new home varies on a mix of factors such as your chosen design, the home upgrades your after and specifications of your block. The good news is, at Burbank as part of our service we work with you to narrow down the best house design to suit your needs and lifestyle and can provide you a free quote. 

3)    Work with a knockdown rebuild specialists on the technical elements including reports, permits and approvals for your new home. 
Navigating the knockdown rebuild process can be technical so it is wise to enlist the help of our Burbank knockdown rebuild specialists who are familiar with the process and the reports, permits and approvals needed for the project.

Burbank is an industry professional and proud to be one of the leading knock down rebuild builders in the industry.  They are well versed to support you with every aspect of the process, including organising site inspections to facilitate surveys and reports.

A soil report will be required to establish the condition of your soil for classification, while a site feature survey will be conducted to highlight the existing conditions of your block by locating features on the site, including services, trees, fences, pits, ground level and contours to help plan the estimate site costs for the project.


4) Demolition of your existing house
Demolition will coincide with a relocation to a new residence as you will need to move from your home while the knockdown-rebuild is underway.

Once you’ve selected a demolition provider, you will arrange the demolition with the contractor separately, including the demolition permits, fees and inspections required.

Prior to demolition, you will need to notify utility companies of your plans to knock down and rebuild and give them ample time to disconnect and remove infrastructure.

Once the demolition is underway, the contractor must remove all waste material, including debris from the house such as concrete, timber, metal and glass, as well as vegetation and excess soil.

FAQ: What’s the cost of knock down rebuild / cost of demolishing a house? 
The cost of knock down rebuild process varies, and can start from as little as $12,000. There are many suppliers in every state that offer this service so it’s important you shop around to work out the cost of demolishing a house in your local area. 

4)    The new build
Now that you’ve got a blank canvas, this is when the magic happens.

Your new build should be complete within a year, depending on a number of variables. Read our blog “how long does a new home build take” for more information on what these variables are. 

At Burbank, we have many knockdown rebuild specialists that will be able to provide more information and guidance about timeframes and is available to answer any questions you have about the knockdown-rebuild process.

Considering a Knockdown rebuild? Click on the links below to enquire today and speak with a Burbank knockdown rebuild specialists to understand your knock down rebuild cost. 

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-    Knockdown rebuild Brisbane, QLD
-    Knockdown rebuild Adelaide, SA


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