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5 tips to finding the perfect home!

5 easy-to-follow tips to find the home that works for you.


Ahhh finding the perfect home design – there’s almost no quest as difficult. Just kidding, there are HEAPS of hurdles you’ll face in life more difficult and ultimately darker than this one, but also we’re a bit serious – finding the perfect family home can be a decision riddled with cloud and confusion – is it a case of when you know, you know? Or do you just buy established and forget the personalisation and pleasurable process that is building with a team like Burbank (what bias?!)?

If you are a little confused/lost/mystified as to where to begin, then sit down somewhere comfy, pour yourself a gentle cuppa, and have a flick through the following words of Burbankian wisdom, which may help you out in the earliest stages of your build.


In figuring out which home is ideal for your family to nest, it’s a damn fine idea to visit a display village, as they’re always brimming with homes of every shape, size, price and style. Walking through the homes, taking note of what you like and what you don’t is one of the most tangible ways to whittle down the list of features most important to you. Plus, you’ll gain ideas as to exactly what you can achieve within your budget. It’s a yes from us.


This is a great way to find out what is available, to get a feel for price ranges and home styles, so if you are completely clueless, you’ll at least come away with a sense of what you like and what you don’t, as well as some insight as to how expensive the process is and the differences in the offerings of each builder. Chatting to a person in real-life is always easier than conducting your own research and going down an internet rabbit hole of information overload!


This one is naturally a no brainer. You won’t be happy in a home you don’t love. It’s well known that environments play a massive part in the health and well-being of populations (think cultural phenomenons like feng shui, vastu and friluftsliv) so if you have your heart set on something that you can’t yet afford (like an alfresco or a bigger block with a backyard) then it’s certainly an option to delay your decision until you can afford it.

Conversely, we always advise customers to think broadly about where they’d like to nest, as buying a home (particularly if it is your first) in the same suburb you grew up in may not be such a plausible option in the expensive context of these days. Don’t rule out suburbs or areas a little further out, as many of these locations have impressive existing or future planned amenity, transport links to the CBD and new schools as a result of significant investments made in the area.


So we can all agree we want the mansion with the infinity pool, tennis court and ocean views but unfortunately, our wants don’t always measure up to our needs. Asking yourself what your budget is, where you’d like to be located and the life-stage your family is at are all integral considerations prior to taking any wild homebuying plunges you may come to regret.

Do you need to be near schools for the kids? Or are they about to move out of a home and a smaller place is more suited to the practicalities of your life?

Writing down the essentials and non-negotiables and talking them through with a consultant is one of the best ways to remember what you need so you don’t wind up disappointed.


Enough said. 

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