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A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

All you need to know about knock down, rebuilds


Thinking of knocking down your old home and building new?

If you love where you live, but your house is too small, with a repair ‘to do’ list longer than your arm, then a knock down rebuild might be for you!

Knock down rebuilds offer all the benefits of a new house, without leaving the street you call home. If you have been dreaming about getting rid of your old home and moving into a contemporary new home, the solution could be much easier than you think!

If you build a new home not only are you in control of the process, but you can choose from hundreds of floor plan options and literally thousands of finishes.

And if you are eligible, you can access the HomeBuilder grant from the Federal Government, which gives you $25,000 towards your new Burbank home.

There are plenty of advantages to rebuilding a new Burbank home on your current block.
  • Newly constructed homes are generally more energy efficient than renovations
  • You have control of the project from start to finish, with no need to accommodate previous design features that may not work for you
  • Knock down rebuilds take out the guesswork. Your builder does not have to rely on old plans or making educated guesses about previous work. That is where costs can start to add up
It is a common misconception that a new home build is more expensive than a renovation. If you are doing an extensive renovation as well as remodelling parts of your old home, the costs can really start to add up.
  • When you build a new home, you avoid the maintenance costs that come with an established home
  • You get a fresh, modern home that may cost less than the cost of an extensive renovation
  • Budgets are easier to manage as every element of the project begins with the homeowner. You do not have to pay to fix previous work or upgrade tired materials
  • Depending on the size and design of your new home, it might be faster to rebuild rather than remodel
Burbank Homes are the knock down rebuild specialists. We have helped thousands of people build their dream home on their treasured family block.

Talk to one of our experienced consultants to find out if a knock down rebuild is right for you!