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Benefits of buying a display home for sale

Is buying a display home a good investment?

Display homes display (clever) the best a home has to offer- their purpose is to rouse excitement in buyers, allowing them to imagine their lives lived in these stunning and functional homes, as well as to visualise what they like and what they don’t.

As such, displays are built to the very best of the builder’s ability, adorned with all of the bells and whistles, showcasing the latest in design innovation. This fact, teamed with a series of other benefits, make investing in a display home an extremely viable and enticing option.

If you are considering buying or building a new home, then why not consider a display home?

Below we have listed our top 3 reasons you should invest in a display, as well as one cautionary section to shed some light on the potential frustrations of the process...

Why you should buy a display home for sale:

Guaranteed return on investment
When you buy a display home from Burbank, you'll receive a guaranteed return on your investment for the life of your lease. This comes at great advantage to the buyer, as the builder actually rentsthe property from the buyer for the life of the display village, which is typically around two to three years. People buy the home prior to it becoming a display, typically before construction has even commenced. Once the display period is over, the homeowner can choose to move in to their almost brand-new home themselves, or, can rent it out again to regular tenants!

Location location location!
Display homes are generally built in growth areas, within organised communities with great access to public transport facilities, shopping centres, schools and various other amenities- this makes the location of display homes well-connected and perfect for growing families.

TIP: Buyers would have more luck finding displays for sale in VIC and QLD, as that is where Burbank has more of a presence at the moment. In future however, greater opportunity will make itself known in the other states we operate in, such as NSW, SA and the ACT.

Kept in pristine condition
Rather than renting to strangers which can sometimes come at a risk, the buyer can rest assured that their home will be meticulously maintained in the hands of the builder. As the builder has a vested interest in maintaining the property, buyers can be comforted by the fact that their home is being cared for, their gardens landscaped and the internal of the home kept in pristine condition, for the duration of the lease.

But what are the cons?

For all of their merit, it’s important to remember that display homes are typically more expensive than your average home, due to the many embellishments that are added. Further, buyers are locked into the lease for the duration of the display’s open, and can only move in once the display has formally closed- they can’t just buy it with the expectation of moving in straight away. Additionally, due to the many positives that come in investing in a display, they can be quite hard to come by and typically get snapped up quite quickly!

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