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Guide to cladding your home exterior: six popular home building materials

In this blog we’ll share six of the most popular cladding materials and give you tips for choosing the best fit for your home.

There are many home building terms that can baffle us, especially when it comes to exterior home building materials and what they mean for our homes. In this blog we’ll share six of the most popular cladding materials and give you tips for choosing the best fit for your home.
A handy tip before we begin: it’s recommended to avoid using more than three different materials when designing your home exterior, so they aren’t competing against each other. If you choose a stone or tile, then this should be the main feature. The other materials should complement the feature – not compete with it.

This is a unique cladding product that has been cleverly engineered to look like natural stone, but with the benefits of new technology – it’s lightweight, more affordable, low maintenance and durable.
Cultured Stone achieves the pattern and texture of stone, with a diverse palette of colours and options for size, shape, and texture. This allows you to create a personal and unique look to your home. It suits a range of home designs, from modern exteriors to Hamptons style.
With its flexibility and accessibility, it has quickly become a favourite among home builders and designers.

Fibre Cement
Another building material that provides flexibility and versatility to your house design is fibre cement cladding, with products available in numerous profiles and finishes that suit most design styles.
Fibre cement has become a popular choice for new homes in Australia. It is lightweight and easier to install, durable, low maintenance, and resistant to fire as well as damage from moisture and termites.
Outdoor Tiles

Tiles don’t need to stay inside the home only – they are a practical, hard-wearing, safe and attractive option for outside as well.

Outdoor tiles are a great feature for your house front, adding sophistication and form while being low maintenance and easy to clean.
With exposure to elements like rain, it’s important that they are non-slip when they get wet. Outdoor tiles have a textured finish that makes them perfect for grip in wet weather.
Whether stone or porcelain, you can find the perfect outdoor tiles to suit your home design.
Brick Home Exterior

When designing the home exterior, who can go past good old-fashioned brick homes?
There’s a reason bricks are a long-time favourite. They are low maintenance, fire resistant, and energy efficient to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
Plus, they come in a range of colours so you can be creative and colourful in your choices to suit any façade design. Modern brick homes are particularly popular right now.  
Render is applied like plaster to any masonry surface, most commonly bricks. It not only adds a stylish touch, but it improves the stability and durability of walls, helping to protect the inner layer from getting exposed to the elements and deteriorating over time.
You can create a smooth or textured finish when rendering, and it can be applied in a range of colours, so it’s a versatile choice.

Vertical Timber Home Exterior

Vertical timber weatherboards add warmth and depth to any home exterior, adding a rustic charm or a modern feel depending on the other materials used.
It gives the illusion of height and can be stained to match the home’s front door and other features.
A combination of brick, render and timber is a popular choice. The pop of timber always adds warmth and an organic, natural feel.
Whatever your external material choice, our Edge Selections Studio Interior Designers can guide you through your choices.

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