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Burbank Blog

A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

Choosing the right home design for your block


Not all land is the same!

Deciding to build a home is a big and exciting decision! One of the biggest choices you will ultimately face is what kind of  house to build on your block.
There are countless home designs to choose from, and that is before you start looking at facades and design features. It can be hard to know where to start.
A good place to begin is with your land. So, here’s our top tips for maximising your land and choosing the perfect home design to go with it.

Build to your block size
As the saying goes, location, location, location! You may have your heart set on a tree-change or choose a house and land package in a developing suburb that will grow into a vibrant hub of activity, close to schools, shops or parkland. Wherever you choose to build, we have a design and façade to suit your environment.
If you are building in a regional area on a big block, you can look at a sprawling country design while a modern, compact home will look the part in a thriving and busy metropolitan suburb. 

Land considerations
Not all land is the same!
There are several things that can impact the design you should select for your block:
  • Setbacks – what is the minimum distance your home needs to be set back from the road or tree line?
  • Easements – is there an easement for utility, drainage or sewerage on your land that will impact your build?
  • Covenants – is there a covenant on the land restricting you from building to a certain height or using particular materials?
The slope of your land can affect the size and design of the home you want to build. The more work that needs to be done to level the block for building, the higher the site costs. A sloped block can make for stunning views and a home integrated into the natural environment but brings with it a unique set of challenges.

The orientation of your home on the block is one of the most important things to consider when designing your build. The most popular orientation is north facing, which gives your home the most direct sunlight over the day. High windows on the north-facing side capture the most winter sun and will warm your home, which means less money spent on heating bills!  

In the 30 years we’ve been building houses, we’ve seen every block size and shape imaginable! So, wherever you choose to live, our expert designers and builders have got you covered.