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How to bring hygge into your home

Hygge - the Danish way to live a little lovelier.

If you’re thinking ‘hygge what now?’, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years - be better.

For those unfamiliar, hygge is the Danish phenomenon that rocked the rest of the world a couple of years’ back, but that is still entirely relevant in 2018.


Hygge is the ‘cosy’ deliciousness the Dane’s do so well.

It’s candle-lit comfort. It’s reading a book by the fire. It’s warm teas on cold mornings and finding wholesome delight in the simple pleasures of life.

Hygge is what makes Denmark, well, Denmark, and is key to their persistent ranking as one of the happiest countries in the world.

But what’s this got to do with you? And what’s it got to do with us?

Well, there are a multitude of ways you can integrate hygge into your home, which means there are a multitude of ways you can bring a little Danish delight into your everyday which, in the context of the wild, politically unhinged world and times we currently live in, is a darn good idea indeed.


Home styling.

Adding cushions, throws, rugs, minimalist features (so Scandinavian, so chic) and utilising warm colour palettes into your home’s décor are each effective ways to add a little hygge to your home.

Candles. Candles. And then candles one more time.

Ditch artificial light for the flickery magic stuff. While it may seem a little archaic, candles warm a room and add instant ‘atmos’ to a space.

Light that fireplace.

If you’ve got one, burn that baby up. Maybe you have an electronic fireplace – this isn’t as good but it’ll do – switch it on, sit in front of it and follow your bliss baby.


“Good one Burbank you big silly ducks! It’s almost summer (almost) so why would you introduce me to what sounds like an absolutely stunning wintery notion only at winter’s end?”– you.

“Slow down kiddo! Hygge can be a summer-time feelin’ too! Let’s explore!”– us.

While the majority of hygge vibes are inspired by wintery cosiness, you can most definitely bring the ambience to an Aussie summer. How though?


Getting the gang together for a BBQ by the pool is very hygge – make sure the music is playing, the food is delicious and the company is great. Voila! You have a little hygge.

Picnics, camping & long road trips

Grab your blanket and a basket full of fine cheeses and wines and head to the nearest meadow (?) for a lazy afternoon in the sunshine spent with friends and family. If you’ve got more time, why not unleash your inner outdoors-man and take the tent, the sleeping bag and good attitude to have some time with your close ones in the loveliness of nature?


The point is, you should buy a Burbank home. See our extensive array of home designs here.

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