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A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

Classic home designs that stand the test of time


Designing the interior of your home is a chance to reflect your personality and individual taste, but you also want to make sure the style will stand the test of time.
You can do this by selecting a classic home design and adding your own personal touches, and Burbank has an expert interior design team who can help you.
To get your started thinking about your ideal interior design, we have put together four of the most popular styles.       
Hampton style home

Hampton house style is very popular right now, with its traditional yet sophisticated style and hints of natural beachy vibes.
To create the look, start with a muted base colour palette of crisp whites and soft greys – think beachside elegance.
If you want to incorporate colour, use splashes of blues and/or greens for a more traditional approach – and black and/or navy for a more modern approach.
Timber flooring, panelling and profiled cabinetry are all hallmarks of the Hamptons-style interior.
Follow Burbank’s Hamptons board on Pinterest for even more inspiration.
Coastal home designs
Continuing with the beach theme, coastal home design style takes inspiration from the natural environment to create a relaxed and carefree vibe.
To create the look, use natural material made from wicker, rattan, or light-weathered and white-washed timbers.
White is the base to start with, but you can accent with colour by incorporating soft beiges, blues, and greens.
Maximise natural light and use soft and breezy window furnishings to top off the relaxed vibe of the home.
Our Beach Shack board on Pinterest might inspire you even further.
Luxe home designs
Luxe home interiors are a strong, dramatic, and luxurious look with focus on the detail.
To create the look, use rich, quality material including marble or metal, matched with luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk.
Use daring colour palettes with statement furniture and decorative pieces, striking artwork and geometrical designs.
You might be inspired by the bold colour palettes on our Paint board on Pinterest.
Australian Country home designs
Imagine you are in a warm cottage in a remote area and you’ll probably be picturing country home design. It is defined by a casual, cosy decorating style with an emphasis on natural material, textured and earthy tones.
To create the look, use recycled and reusable materials to give an authentic and comfortable feel to the home.
Embrace a neutral colour palette that is warm and homely such as whites, creams, beiges, and different shades of brown.
No country style home design would be complete without wooden elements such as exposed beams, panelling and wooden floors.
Our Timber and Nature boards on Pinterest may help to inspire your country style even further.
If you’re looking for more modern classic home design ideas you can visit our Edge Selection Studios – our one-stop-shop for design inspiration with a huge selection ranging from bricks to benchtops, doors to floor coverings, and everything in-between.