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Kitchen Trends After the Engineered Stone Benchtop Ban

The rise of stone alternatives and how to use these in your new build

We all know that the heart of every home is the kitchen and it continues to be a focal point of interior design innovation. With the ever-evolving landscape of style and functionality, staying ahead of the latest trends in kitchen benchtops is crucial for those looking to revamp their culinary space. The choice of benchtop material is not just about utility but also a reflection of personal style.

The Rise of Stone Alternatives

The recent ban on engineered stone in Australia has prompted homeowners and designers to explore alternative materials that offer both aesthetics and practical benefits. 
We are seeing a rise of porcelain-based products, which are made and produced a different way to the banned engineered stone – while maintaining a similar look and feel. While the alternatives are limited for the time being, there are a range of future products on the horizon. 

Design Trends

In 2024, blending functionality with aesthetics is key. Here are the top five styles for benchtops:
1.    Minimalist Monochrome: Sleek, single-colour benchtops create a modern, clean look.
2.    Veined Patterns: Mimicking natural stone, these patterns add depth and character.
3.    Textured Finishes: For a tactile experience and rustic charm.
4.    Bold and Bright: Vivid colours make a statement in modern kitchens.
5.    Eco-Friendly Options: Sustainable materials for the environmentally conscious.

One such material gaining prominence is Dekton by Cosentino. Let’s delve into why Dekton is making waves and how you can create a stunning kitchen look with it.


Dekton: The Ultracompact Porcelain Surface

What Is Dekton?

Dekton is an ultracompact porcelain surface inspired by the beauty and aesthetics of natural stone. It goes beyond nature, achieving the highest product performance. Here are some key features that set Dekton apart:
1. Carbon Neutrality: Dekton is the only Cradle-to-Grave Carbon Neutral surface on the market. Cosentino offsets 100% of its CO2 emissions over the entire product life cycle.
2. Strength and Durability: Dekton’s exclusive press, results in a material with no micro-defects, tensions, or weak points. It is scratch-resistant, highly resistant to UV rays, and can withstand freezing and thawing.
3. Stain Resistance: Dekton’s low porosity makes it extremely resistant to water and stains and spills and splatters won’t leave a mark.
4. Heat and Fire Resistance: You can confidently place hot pots and pans directly on Dekton surfaces without worrying about damage.


Creating Your Wonderful Look

Pairing Dekton with Cabinetry

•    Greys and Midnight Blue: These colours continue to trend in kitchens. Consider contrasting the colour of your Dekton benchtops against the cabinetry for a striking effect1.
•    Dekton splashbacks – Don’t be afraid to use the benchtop material as your splashback. Maintain the texture and aesthetics from your kitchen benchtops into the space behind cooktops – especially if this backdrop is a feature of your open plan living space. 


Elevate Your Kitchen’s Style

Dekton offers excellence in functional beauty. 

Remember, your kitchen benchtop isn’t just a surface—it’s a canvas for creativity and functionality. Let Dekton be your partner in crafting a wonderful kitchen that stands the test of time! 🌟

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