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Celebrating our trade partners - Meet Dylan

Ever wondered who the experts are behind your build? There is a myriad of skilled individuals involved and each one plays an important part when it comes to building our quality homes.

To celebrate our people and our valued partnerships with local trades, over the next few months we will be introducing you to some of the amazing individuals we work with at Burbank in our mission to create places for people to call home.

Hear about why they love what they do and why they chose the construction industry. 

Meet Dylan, our local Framing Carpenter.

Dylan is one of our valued framing carpenters who helps us with our builds in Victoria’s East and Southeast regions.

Dylan has been in the trade 12 years, with 4 of those in an apprenticeship and 8 years as a sub-contractor. His best friend introduced him to carpentry when he was one year into his apprenticeship and that friend is now his business partner and he hasn’t looked back since. Dylan says that it is both rewarding and challenging to build a great crew who he can share his knowledge and experience with.

“The satisfaction of building the structure that sets up every other element of the home is particularly rewarding,” says Dylan. “When you look at a home with its finish, quality and reliability you know it’s all reliant on the frame.”

Dylan has a long history with Burbank. He commenced his apprenticeship at Burbank with a long-standing framing carpenter, working with him for 7 years before stepping out to run his own crew four years ago and he’s still working with Burbank. 

Dylan goes on to say, “Burbank is a reliable builder and their sites are clean and tidy, ready for us when we arrive on site. They ensure we have crane lifts available to use to so we can complete the work safely and their site supervisors are really good to work with.”

When asked what message Dylan would give to future tradespeople he says “The work challenges you from both a physical and technical perspective. Very few jobs are the same and there is always something to test you. You learn how to work as a team and rely on each other. It’s fun, challenging and instils a sense of pride in your work all at the same time. 

“Working as a tradie can be more than the job itself, it’s a good environment to learn business skills to set you up for the future.”

Considering joining the construction industry? 

If you, or someone you know, are looking to start a trade, talk to us, we might be able to connect you with the right people like Dylan.  

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