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Secrets to finding the best home and land packages

In our last post, we talked about the hottest neighbourhoods to buy your first home.With more home buyers opting for house and land packages, new estates are selling out faster than ever.So, where can you find the best home and land packages? And what exactly should you look for?


In our last post, we talked about the hottest neighbourhoods to buy your first home.

With more home buyers opting for house and land packages, new estates are selling out faster than ever.

So, where can you find the best home and land packages? And what exactly should you look for?

“When it comes to choosing the right house and land package, consider your lifestyle and pay close attention to infrastructure in the area”, says Burbank managing director, Jarrod Sanfilippo.

A few things to think about include travel time to work, family and friends, and access to amenities like schools, shops and transport.

“Home and land packages are very popular among young families, so most estates are master-planned to incorporate social infrastructure, like childcare and schools”, Jarrod says.

“Public transport, especially to the CBD, and access to freeways and employment should also be top of the list when choosing the right estate”, he adds.

With the affordability of home and land packages appealing to a broad market, land developers usually offer a range of lot sizes to cater to different lifestyles and budgets.

While some families like a larger home on a smaller block, others prefer a more compact design with a bigger backyard.

“In popular estates likeWoodlea in Rockbank,Harpley in WerribeeorCloverton in Kalkallo, block sizes usually start at around 300 sqm and go up to around 600 sqm”, Jarrod says.

“However, in more regional or lifestyle locations, likeBayviewon the Bellarine Peninsula, home and land packages are available on blocks as large as 900 sqm”, he adds.

While there are always exceptions, most home and land packages follow a similar rule, in that smaller blocks are situated closer to parks and retail facilities than bigger blocks.

That said, be sure to ask the developer or your new home builder about existing amenities, as well as what’s planned for the future.

Other things to consider in your search for the perfect house and land package are the slope or gradient of the lot, the orientation – especially if you want to enjoy (or avoid) the afternoon sun in your back yard – and the shape of the land in relation to the home you want to build.

Keep in mind that sloping lots usually require a split level, custom design, which will cost more than a standard design, so you’ll need to factor this into the budget for your home and land package.

The final consideration is finding the right builder to bring your house and land package to life.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of visiting display homes, researching things like inclusions and upgrades, and asking as many questions as needed to make you feel comfortable with your builder of choice.

When it comes to home and land packages, it’s also important to cover things like land title dates and when to expect statements of compliance.

“With a home and land package, there a certain milestones that need to be reached before your block is ready to build on”, explains Jarrod.

“Make sure you discuss these dates in details with your new home builder, to ensure you have an accurate idea of when construction will commence, and when your home will be ready to move in”.

For more tips, read our previous post onHow to choose a new home builder.

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