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The benefits of minimal living

Are you a first homebuyer buying a home a little smaller than you envisioned? FRET NOT! Modern times mean that minimal living is in, which you can make the most of in your new home – no matter how small it may be. Let us explain…

Pictured: The Langham 360 at Highlands estate.


Minimal living has very much come to the forefront of design in recent times, both in contemporary architecture with its sharp lines and mixed-use of materials, as well as in the interior space where the ‘less is more’ continues to be the mantra to live by.

This school of thought is certainly not going anywhere, with design experts predicting various iterations of minimalism to again be the go-to trend for 2019.

Minimalism is a style that fits in particularly well with not only those who consider themselves true style connoisseurs, but also those on smaller budgets as less is required from a furnishing point of view.

The benefits of buying a smaller home are not only limited to being stylishly suitable right now – they also boast lower maintenance costs, fewer expenses when it comes to styling your home and you’ll also reap the psychological benefits of living with less.

What psychological benefits of living with less you ask? WELL. Minimalism and its clean, organised, open spaces can have a calming affect on one’s state of mind, thereby improving their overall mental state and feeling of wellness.

And it makes sense…

Think of how you feel when your life is cluttered – work is crazy busy, deadlines continue to loom, you have to fit in the gym while also making time for your family, friends and people like Janine your mate’s mate who you don’t really like that much but who you have to hang out with because it means a lot to Sarah, your sister, and her third child Bruce.

Did we take it to far with the clutter example? Yes. Point is, the feeling that goes along with this is a feeling of disorder and anxiety.

From here, it then makes sense that a cluttered space is conducive to stress, while a decluttered environment subtly (and physiologically) evokes a feeling of calm.

This is backed up in the widely acclaimed ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, written by Marie Kondo, which is a whole book dedicated to removing the clutter and only keeping that which sparks joy in us, thereby affecting all other aspects of your life in a positive way also.

Minimalism in design is something you can absolutely see for yourself within a Burbank display home.

Our expert teams craft our homes to reflect what is currently on-trend, yet also manage to stay relevant and inspiring through the two or so years they may be open for.

Head to a display near you to see interior design at its best and talk to your New Home Consultant about organising a tour of your state’s Edge Selection Studio, where you can chat about your design dreams with a qualified interior designer.

If you're keen to find out about coming trends for 2019, why not read our recent blog, which deep dives into this very topic!

View our new home designs to find one that suits your new home dreams in VIC, SA, NSW/ACT and QLD today.

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