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Thousands of shades of white: how to pick the right one for you

It’s little wonder renovators, DIYers and new homeowners feel overwhelmed at the prospect of selecting a paint colour palette for their homes when there are literally thousands of shades of white to choose from.

With names like Thin Ice, Cotton Sheets, Stormy Shadow, Princess Bling, Miss Universe and Surf Wax, navigating the plethora of white and neutral tones is likely to leave you with more than a dull headache unless you have a knowledgeable guide to help.

Burbank’s lead interior designer Cacie Vincent said many customers were overwhelmed by the expansive colour selection process.

“It can definitely be a daunting process,” said Ms Vincent, Operations Manager at Burbank’s Edge Selection Studio. “I have lost count of the number of times I’ve brought out the white colour chart and seen the customer’s face just drop.

“Many people don’t have the ability to distinguish between different shades of white and it can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, so that’s why we have the Burbank Edge Selection Studio to help guide Burbank customers with their colour selections and fittings.”

Burbank’s Edge Selection Studio is a one-stop shop for design inspiration, where customers can access experienced designers and view a large selection of products and materials – from bricks to benchtops, doors to floor coverings, paint colours, tiles, cabinetry, tapware and appliances – for their new home.

Ms Vincent said before settling on a shade of white, the first step was to consider the overall look you wanted to achieve for your new home; and how different hues would complement other selections like timber floors, stone features and lighting.

She said it was important to remember that sample colours could change depending on the application, for example if they’re on plaster or a swatch. A colour can also look different on a computer screen or depending on the type of lighting you choose.

“Whites range from cool to mid and warm tones. As designers we try to focus on the overall style the customer wants to achieve because that distinguishes what tone of white they’re looking for, whether it be a grey base, a cream base or a brown base,” she said.

“There’s definitely an art to it. I don’t recommend starting with paint colours for the walls because it’s almost an impossible task. It’s a good idea to start from the ground up.

“That way you can start developing selections like the flooring and work up to the benchtops and cabinetry. It’s a good idea to look at your wall colour after that so it ties in with all the other components.

“Having a neutral paint colour will allow you flexibility if you want to change things up at a later date. And there are so many ways you can build on it. You can play with artwork, soft furnishings, window furnishings, wall hangings, mirrors – the options are endless.”

Burbank’s Edge Selection Studio is the perfect place to start, with expert interior designers who can help with your colour choices.


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