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Trendy home designs vs timeless home design: how to strike a balance

It’s the million dollar question: Should I opt for trendy or timeless when it comes to designing and decking out my new home?

While trendy might seem like the ‘fun’ option, even the most fashionable features can start to feel dated over time. Trends come and go, but classic, elegant designs will stand the test of time – and let’s face it, you are likely to be living in your new home for a long time.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose one style over the other when planning your interior design – it’s possible to strike a balance and create a home with classic appeal as well as personal flair.

Here are some tips from our interior designers at Burbank’s Edge Studio about how to smartly style your home so you can be confident it will age gracefully without lacking personality.

Building new gives you a blank canvas to create the style of home you want – it’s just knowing where to start! Here are the top tips for balancing trendy vs timeless from our interior designers.

Choose wisely
The saying “keep it simple” rings true when it comes to making interior design choices for your new home.

Burbank’s Edge Selection Studio is a one-stop shop for design inspiration, where customers can access experienced designers and view a large selection of products and materials – from bricks to benchtops, doors to floor coverings, paint colours, tiles, cabinetry, tapware and appliances – for their new home.

Interior design experts at the Edge studio are available to help Burbank customers with their selections and tips on how to style your home to best suit your needs, especially if you’re on a budget.

“We recommend saving your most creative or fashionable choices for the least expensive items,” Burbank’s Interior Designer Ruby Talaj said

“For example, make your most costly decisions simple for things like tiles, vanities and benchtops, and spice up your home with affordable furnishings so when it comes time that they’re no longer on trend, you can replace them without breaking the bank.”

Tapware and door handles are a great way to stay on-trend without blowing the budget.


A blank canvas
While minimalist designs may not sound exciting, natural colours and finishes are timeless.

“Having a neutral palette of colours starting with your paint selections will provide a solid base, which you can build on with artworks, soft furnishings, wall hangings and mirrors depending on what is in vogue and what suits your personality,” Mrs Talaj said.

Ruby said it was important to consider the overall look you wanted to achieve for your new home and how different paint hues would complement other selections like timber floors, stone benchtops and lighting.

“White paints range from cool to mid and warm tones. As designers we try to focus on the overall style the customer wants to achieve because that distinguishes what tone of white they’re looking for, whether it be a grey base, a cream base or a brown base.

“We suggest working from the floor up to make sure all the elements tie in with each other.”

Stay true to you                                    
Basing your home on what’s popular on Pinterest or Instagram might sound like an easy way to stay on-trend, but once you’re living in it, it might not feel like ‘you’.

Ensure your home is a reflection of your personality and style, so add flourishes that you love and that speak to your lifestyle. And don’t forget to pay ample consideration to making it comfortable and fit-for-purpose.
Some people love collectables, others enjoy antiques and artworks so you might like to use them to make a feature statement. Pops of colour, your favourite flowers or special trinkets can help create a vibe that is unique to you.


Need some help mastering your style? Check out our Burbank Pinterest and Instagram pages to get inspired today!  


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