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Our virtual reality game-changer for customers - HomeX

At Burbank we are proud to offer our HomeX technology to customers to support them master the design of their new home. 

HomeX is a virtual reality platform that allows customers to choose from millions of home combinations in real time, experiencing their dream home in 4 dimensions and 360 degrees, before it is built. 

Since launching the technology we have seen a huge 6.5 million engagements of people using the virtual platform to help them with their new home design with the support of our experts. 

HomeX takes immersive technology to the next level, with multiple style and colour schemes and showcases branded products from leading suppliers such as Franke, Smeg and Beacon Lighting. 
Almost every Burbank home, with every possible design combination, can be experienced with HomeX. 

HomeX can be experienced online or in a VR headset at Burbank display homes across Queensland and Victoria. Book your HomeX VR experience at a Queensland or Victorian display home today. 

Our Burbank Group Managing Director Jarrod Sanfilippo said HomeX was created using the latest interactive technology and has changed the way Australians design their homes.  
“Globally, no other technology can customise to this degree. People can change different floorplan options at the click of a button – or choose from our home designs we have on offer nationally, complete with the products we build with,” said Mr Sanfilippo.  
“Customers can truly experience a home that is made just for them, and because it’s virtual they can be more creative with their design choices, knowing they can ‘check’ if their vision works long before investing in the wrong floorplan option or home design for them.” 


“HomeX takes current 3D virtual home tours to a whole new level using interactive technology to automatically generate a user-friendly, 360-degree realistic experience from personalised Burbank floorplans,” said Mr Sanfilippo.  
HomeX means our customers can virtually walk through and get a feel for all the features they’ve been planning wherever they are.” 
Queensland couple Jack and Briyanna took advantage of the HomeX virtual reality platform before they signed up to build Burbank’s Graceville 315 in Bellmere, an hour’s drive north of Brisbane. 
Jack said the HomeX VR experience was “beneficial and engaging” in helping to visualise the design. 
“The technology assisted us in having in-depth discussions around the size of rooms and getting a realistic feel of the home,” Jack said. 
“We would recommend the VR technology to everyone who is thinking about building a brand new home. In time, we believe the technology will further improve and there will be options to make the home plans very personalised.” 

Book your HomeX VR appointment or experience it online today. 

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