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What you need to consider for your new home electrical plans

When you are building a new home, electrical isn’t usually one of the first things that come to mind. However, electrical plays a hugely important role in bringing your home vision to life and needs to be considered early on. 

When planned correctly, your home electrical can work seamlessly to make everyday living smarter, more comfortable, safer, and more sustainable, all while reflecting your unique style. 

Here is what you need to consider when it comes to your homes Electric Home Design. 

Safety and protection – Safety and protection for your family, home and belongings is something technology can support with and ultimately needs to be considered when planning your homes electrical plans and budget.

Whether it’s smoke alarms or security cameras there is a variety of products you can purchase to help you always feel secure both when at home and away.

When you build with Burbank, we offer an array of electrical products from our build partners to support how you want to live in your new home. When you visit our Burbank Edge Selection Studio to confirm your new home finishes and colours our interior designers will walk you through all your electrical options and the branded products on offer.

Smart home technology - Smart home technology offers a variety of benefits that can make daily life more convenient and energy-efficient. 

Smart Home technology can allow you to control your home from any room, or anywhere in the world.  Imagine greeting the day from your bed as your blinds open automatically, dimming the lights for a dinner party with a simple voice command or staying comfortable year-round thanks to temperature and humidity sensors adjusting your heating and cooling. 

Depending on your property plans, Smart Home technology also acts as wow factor for tenants or for future homebuyers. 

At Burbank we offer quality products to make your new home a smart home. One of the innovative products we provide is the option to select The Wiser range from Clipsal, a product that allows you to control your home from any room, or anywhere in the world. 

Lighting is important - There is so much to consider when it comes to lighting your home, both to support how you live and creating the right ambience of your space. Consider feature lighting and how this can change a room as well as the lighting you need to support your everyday living like hallway lights and lamps to read a book. Read more about what you should consider when it comes to lighting in your home.

Power points are essential -  Power points might seem like a small detail, but they are essential and not to be overlooked. 

The placement of your power points is key to creating multifunctional spaces and to enhance your everyday living. 

At Burbank, our build partner Clipsal offer a wide range of products our customers can choose for their new home that not only take functionality to the next level but look great with a variety of finishes such as ultra-modern matte black, sleek metallic or luxurious round wooden edges.

At Burbank, we offer customers the option to choose from Clipsal’s award-winning Iconic range of switches offer USB charging socket with a Smart Shelf holder for phones and tablets, perfect for the kitchen bench. 


Do not forget outside- With so many options to consider for electrical inside your home, it’s easy to forget about the outdoors, but there are some great electrical design innovations available outside the home too. 

Consider how lighting and technology can take your outdoor space to the next level. Do you plan on outdoor speakers or garden lighting to enchant your outdoor spaces in the night? If you have guests over for a BBQ, an outdoor phone charger could come in handy. 

Make sure you consider the provisions needed and plan for it. 

When you build with us you can choose Clipsal’s Iconic outdoor range of switches and sockets for your new home. This range has been internationally recognised, winning multiple design awards due to their incredible durability as well as their stylish good looks.

Consider the future- Don’t just plan your electrical for now, consider if you have provision for you and your family’s needs in the future. Or if you’re building an investment property, what tenants will need over the course of your investment. 

Ask yourself questions like; is there enough power points in the bedroom and living areas? Should I be setting my home up to easily be a smart home, even if I’m not ready now? Do I need provisions for an electrical vehicle charger? 

When building with Burbank as part of our service you will have your very own interior designer that will work with you to master your style and the selections of your new home, including your electrical plans. However, ahead of your interior design appointment it’s best to get prepared and consider the above. 


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