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Why design flexibility matters

When you’re building a new home, you are starting from scratch – no-one else has ever lived there. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to make it completely your own to suit all your needs and family situation. The floorplan is your blueprint of your future home and very important in the building process. 

These days no two homes on a street need to look the same, like they did in the past, you can tailor your home to your personality. 

Here are our top tips you should consider when it comes to deciding on your new home floorplan. 

Do your research
Take the time to work out exactly what you need in your home, taking inspiration from websites and Pinterest where there’s a hive of information and style ideas .
Talk to other people who have built new and ask how they went about researching their homes. A well planned, space-efficient design will ensure you have a highly functional home. 
Finally, speak with your New Home Consultant about your particular needs, there may be a design similar to what you want to include that can be adapted to your specific needs.

Consider your individual situation 
You’ll be living in your home for a long time, look to what you will need a few years in like future family expansion, or do you have interests that will require more space? 
Perhaps you need a home office or a study nook for homework or working from home.
Ask yourself lots of question about what you need to consider, taking into consideration your lifestyle.
Remember, some design elements could go out of date, so something classic will stand the test of time.


Ask questions and seek expert support
Be sure you are leaning on your new home consultant and/or home builder to help you understand your options. This will save time, money and ensure you don't get overwhelmed looking at the endless design choices avaliable. 

At Burbank we have thousands of floorplan options so can tailor our homes to fit every customers lifestyle and needs. With some of our home designs offering up to 15+ floorplan options you're always best to seek support early and talk through your wishlist then let the new home consultant narrow down your options. 

Narrow down your search with our customer home design quiz
At Burbank we have a customer app that you can download for free the offers a fun quiz that will help you narrow down the best floorplan for you. Download our customer app today on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Burbank has many design choices with design options in our range that offer flexibility to suit you. Talk to one of our experts, who can guide you to building the perfect home.

See our Burbank home designs avaliable in VIC NSW and ACTQLD,  SA 

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