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National Construction Code Changes – Secure your home by April 30th

The world of construction is ever evolving, with advancements in technology, materials, and safety practices constantly shaping the way we build our communities. One significant influencer on this journey is the National Construction Code (NCC), a comprehensive set of guidelines and regulations that govern construction practices in Australia. Come May 1, 2024, all Victorian homebuilders will be required to adopt new measures in line with the latest NCC guidelines.


These updates to the building code are going to benefit new homebuilders. More energy efficient homes, increased accessibility and inclusivity which will help reduce energy bills and will increase the comfort in everyday living. Overall, Victorians will be building a more sustainable home, better for your family, community, and environment.

After May 1st, your home will have to be built to meet 7-star requirements, rather than 6-star as is the current requirement and whilst these changes are setting a higher standard for sustainability, accessibility and safety, these new features will cost more to build.

To help support you locking in your dream home, we’re giving you the opportunity to secure your new home on the current pricing and inclusions before 30th of April 2024.



1. More efficient and accessible homes will cost more to build:
After May 1st, you will need to pay extra for your home build to comply with the new requirements that the government will be introducing.
You will benefit from owning a 7-star home, with items like double-glazed windows, heightened focus on passive solar design along with other sustainability measures such as orientation.
Burbank will be changing their 6-star designs to encompass these changes.
2. Personalisation and choice:
We will still have our personalisation and choice so you can make the house your home, but some inclusions may not be available due to the design elements that we have to include.

3. Lock away the Burbank design you’ve had your eye on:
If you have had your eye on your perfect design, now is the time to act, before the May 1st changes so that we can ensure that you get all that you want in that design and lock in today’s price.


If you would like to know more about these changes and what it could mean for your future family home, enquire today and one of our friendly New Home Consultants will be in touch.


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