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A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

2018 design trends


Images sourced from Pinterest.

So you've got a new place, maybe you built it, maybe it's established or maybe you're simply looking for ways to brighten up your share house that don't include the use of plants that die within a week of their purchase.

Me too.

Fortunately for both of us, I managed to track down our team of genius interior designers to discover the top design trends of 2018, and just how we can all integrate them into our homes, no matter how un-stylish we really are.

What do you pick as the top five design trends in homes for 2018? Is there a theme to these trends?

-Earthy colour palettes

-Aged and brushed brass accents

-Terrazzo Tiling

-Darker cabinetry to kitchen and bathrooms

-Linen and natural fibre soft furnishings

Colour palettes seem to be taking a turn towards earthier tones inspired by our beautiful Australian landscape. The candy hued pastels from the last couple of years have been replaced for dustier tones like terracotta and soft mossy greens. We are expecting to see much more terrazzo and terracotta tiling, inspired by traditional Italian interiors, the masters of terrazzo!

Tapware, as well as lighting is stepping away from polished golds and heading more towards an aged patina, with brushed brass and bronze being our pick of the bunch.

Sustainability is also becoming a homeowner priority with LEDs, CFL bulbs & external solar powered lighting taking priority when planning electrical design.

How regularly do interior trends change? What inspires this change?

Generally a trend will stick around for a couple of years before slowly evolving into another aesthetic. It’s very rare to see trends jump from one extreme to another, which makes transitioning your own interior a whole lot more enjoyable and budget friendly. Humans are easily inspired by fashion, food, travel, family and the environment so it’s no surprise design changes often mimic this.

If there was one piece of advice you would offer customers when furnishing the interior of their home, what would it be?

Invest in a good sofa! Spend your money wisely and purchase something that’s not too trend driven. A sofa that is not only practical and comfortable but compliments your interior trends will always be a great investment. If you are wanting to showcase current design trends in your home we recommend painting a wall, adding some greenery, update light fittings or introduce new artwork and accessories that can be simply replaced at a later date.

What’s your favourite trend of 2018?

We’re really excited to see warmer earthier tones work their way in to our interior schemes. The pastels hues were fun but we’re ready for a more organic yet sophisticated colour palette that reflects our lifestyle and the beautiful Australian landscape.

Any other info you’d like to add?

Home design trends are fun but don’t be afraid to step outside the box. A truly unique interior will incorporate a combination of classic design examples and trends whilst showcasing the personality of the homeowner. Explore different layers and textures and don’t forget to look to the past, some of our greatest design influencers are still relevant for a reason!

To see some of these fabulous trends on display and for interior inspiration head to our display homes in Victoria, New South Wales/ACT, Queensland and South Australia.