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New home, same block: 6 Steps to the knockdown rebuild process

If your current home no longer fits your lifestyle but you love where you live, why not consider demolish and rebuild your home as you dream?
Don’t add additional stress to your life with an extensive renovation – it can turn into a much bigger job than expected and end up costing more per square metre.
Plus, with limited land availability, there’s greater incentive to stay where you are.
Here are some simple steps you can take to start your knockdown rebuild journey.

1. Research your block


It is important to find out a few key facts about your block of land before you start the knockdown and rebuild process.
Building regulations and requirements may have changed from when the original home was built, so check the current building regulations with your local council and review your property title documents.
The more information you have on hand, the quicker and easier it is it take the first step.

2. Choose your new home design


The design you choose for your new home is not only important for the way you want to live, but it also needs to cater to your block of land.
For example, your block might have limitations, be sloped or an unusual shape, which will need to be factored into the design of your new home.
As an Australian Knockdown rebuild builder, Burbank offers many designs to suit all kinds of blocks and our sales consultants will be able to talk through the best options for you.

3. Deposit and initial paperwork

Once you have chosen your new home design, it is time to pay your initial deposit and complete the paperwork.
You will provide us with a copy of your land title or proof of ownership and the land contract, and we will conduct a thorough property assessment and site inspection to evaluate your block. 
Our experts will look for things such as block depth, frontage, slope, orientation, easements and setbacks, drainage, and power supply to make sure it is suitable for your new home.

4. Contract signing

Now it is time to sign your contract! This will include the tender, contract drawings, colour selection and preliminary soil testing.
Your lender will need all these documents to prepare progress payments.
Once your contract is signed, we will submit your building application and you’re on your way to your brand-new home.

5. Demolition

It would not be a knockdown and rebuild without the knockdown!
When you decide to demolish and rebuild a house, we will help you obtain 2-3 obligation free quotes detailing the cost of demolishing your house from professional and reputable demolition service providers.
Or alternatively, you can seek quotes from a demolition service provider of your choice.
Once you have chosen your preferred provider you can arrange the demolition directly with them, which will also include the organisation of all permits, fees, and inspections.

6. Let’s begin building

Now it is time for the most exciting part: building your new home!
By this stage all the paperwork is approved, your existing home has been demolished, and we are ready to start the rebuild.
Before you know it, you will be moving into the home you have always wanted – in the area you want to live. Same address, brand new home.
Our Burbank sales consultants are experts in the knockdown and rebuild process and can help guide you through the process.

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