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Burbank Blog

A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

Easy ways to save for a home



Sure, home ownership isn’t everyone’s dream, but if it is yours and you’re lost on how to make the dream a reality, then this blog is for you.

Choose oats over avo

Don’t treat yourself so often. 

Sure oats can be a little bland, but they aren’t $18.90 per serve unlike their creamy counterpart, which is a real win for the humble grain. You can also make them fun with cinnamon, crushed almonds and self loathing.

Let’s say you buy a $4 coffee five days a week for a year. That’s $1040, per year, on hot brews. Wow. 

Sometimes doing fun sums like this on your superfluous spending can can be a good way of recognising exactly where your dosh is going, helping you to figure out how to spend smarter.

Ditch affluent for affordable

Don’t plan on buying in unrealistic and expensive suburbs- instead, buy where you can afford to get your foot in the door, and plan on making your second or third one your ‘forever’ home. Many of these affordable areas will gentrify in years to come too, with well-planned amenities and features like shopping centres, parklands, schools and sporting facilities almost always on the cards- so ‘settling’ for somewhere a little further out from the city may not necessarily be such a bad thing!

Be better

What I mean here is, don’t pay for as much stuff, just be more creative with your spending...

Feel like updating the wardrobe? Op shop it. Want a weekend away? Camp. Basically, settle for mediocrity (it's affordable!) or budget and plan your splurges ahead of time, and good things will happen.

Choose your career and personal progression over lavish trips abroad

While it can be fun to drop all responsibility and jet off on extensive trips to ‘find yourself’, many will instead 'find themselves' thousands of dollars in debt and without much going for their future self.

Sure you’ll make friends to last a lifetime and will have learned things you just can’t learn from sitting in an office 9-5, but how will you feel when you return and your friend’s careers are booming and you’re without solid savings or direction? YIKES! In sum, conform to society’s expectations, and you’ll be apples!

If you want to find a home design within the limits of your budget, visit our floorplan pages in VIC, QLD, NSW & ACT and SA. If you're a first homebuyer looking for more tips and tricks or need to know the best suburbs around the country to build in, then reading some of our other blogs is a great idea!