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Finding land to build on

It seems that finding land to build on these days is not that easy... But why is this and what can you do to secure land for yourself? Read ahead!

Finding land to build on is easier said than done- despite the vast plains of vacant land that exist in Australia, locating your very own slice to build your dream home on can be more than a little challenging...
So where do you begin?

Naturally, identifying land to build on that caters to the unique preferences of your lifestyle is a good starting point. Do you need to be in a location close to the city for work? Do you need easy access to educational facilities, sporting clubs and community centres? Does your budget mean maybe you’ll have to sacrifice on your dream location so that you can build your dream house?

A lot goes into deciding where you’ll plan your future, and while it is preferable to attain land that meets all of your needs, many are met by the current delays of land releases at present. Typically, land is released in lots of 10-20, which, when you consider how many people are eagerly awaiting to grab some land for themselves, is not a lot at all.

The cause of these delays is the intentional slowing of sale rates, so that developers can keep up with construction and avoid making customers wait 12-18 months for their land to be ready to build on. 
To make the process somewhat more organised, developers have installed waiting lists which, if you wish to build in an estate these days, you’ll almost definitely need to be on.

Are home and land packages still a thing?

They certainly are! Home and land packages, which are supplied by any good builder, combine your home with land at a fantastic price point. Burbank have multiple packages on offer, right across the country, providing homes designed for the unique block sizes you may find in estates.

You can view Burbank’s range of home and land packages in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales/ACT.

Tired of waiting for land?

We don’t blame you.

If you are at your wit's end in obtaining land, then altering your idea of the Australian dream, a detached home with a backyard and space to run around, is a very plausible option.

I am of course floating the idea of apartments and townhouses, an often affordable and well positioned (access to transport links, educational facilities etc.) option that removes the task of locating land.

Another option would be to consider knocking down your current place and rebuilding, to provide you a new home in the suburb you love without the expense of land or stamp-duty.

What now?

The best way to understand the complexity of land is to talk to a builder you can trust, who have relationships with developers and understand the key growth areas ideal for securing land in. They'll advise you appropriately and expertly, making sure you end up in a good spot, for a good price. 

If you'd like to chat to the expert team at Burbank, call 13 BURBANK today.

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