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The joy of modern minimalistic house design

Pro-organiser Marie Kondo suggests we throw away everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ in our lives. But before you get rid of your washing machine, we have some tips from our expert interior designers on how to achieve a minimalist house design, while still maintaining the character of your home.

Living minimally doesn’t mean an empty home. It’s about surrounding yourself with items you need, use and love and stripping away the excess. It also means getting clever with minimalist house design ideas like creating space under stairs or having a walk-in pantry and laundry room combined.
Clear the clutter
A clear kitchen is something that definitely sparks joy! Imagine room to use the kitchen as it was intended, with no useless knickknacks or clutter in the way. Even small appliances can get on your nerves when they sit unused on the bench.
Walk-in pantries and butler’s pantries can help hide the clutter, by giving you a place for everything, leaving your benches free for food prep. These modern minimalist designs don’t need to be huge. We can help you plan a useable space that’s easy on the eye and fits in with your block and lifestyle.
It’s easy and cost effective to give your home office a makeover with a minimalist home office design. Under desk storage or compartment trays mean everything has a place – clearing your workspace and your mind! Leave room for a small plant and a photo so the room still has a personal feel.
Colour your life
A home devoid of decoration and personal touches would be extremely boring. It’s all about the simple, homely touches – like a coffee table with a simple vase of flowers. You can create a statement with an empty wall by adding a single piece of art, rather than filling the wall with pictures.
A few quality items with a splash of colour will make your home stand out. An empty bench with a beautiful bright jug and glasses, a sideboard with a few chosen photos or a group of two small plants and one ornament together.
If you have a lot of trinkets you like to display, why not store them in a clever design space under stairs and bring them out on rotation to show off.
Less furniture, more room

Focus on one room at a time and plan how you want to begin your minimalist home design journey. It’s hard to suddenly minimise every room and it can feel like an overwhelming task. So, start small, plan and you’ll have the decluttering bug in no time!
Of course, moving into a brand-new home, means you are starting with a fresh pallet and crisp interior. You can start new and leave behind the furniture and belongings you don’t need in this next phase of your life, and you can start anew and only take or purchase items you want into your home.
Think of eliminating furniture without sacrificing your comfort. For example, if you have your TV on the wall, you may not need a cabinet underneath. If you only regularly have four people at the table, store the excess chairs for when friends come over.
Ask yourself what is truly essential for your everyday living and once you’ve got your furniture sorted, clear everything else that you decide is clutter or rarely used. It doesn’t need to go in the bin – you can pick up lots of handy storage solutions at hardware and office stores.
Once you get started, it can be hard to stop! How far you go is entirely up to you and your lifestyle (not to mention the kids!). But we can all dream of a clutter free home and try to channel our inner minimalist by adopting at least a few of these simple changes and creating our minimalist house design.

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