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New home financial services

Wondering about new home financial services? You’re in the right place.


Building a new home is one of the most exciting processes you’ll undergo in your lifetime.

Unsurprisingly, it can also be one of the most stressful.

One of the biggest stressors is of course, money.

When it comes to building a new home, the dollars you spend can often extend far beyond what you had initially expected, these discrepancies in expectation and reality varying greatly if you haven’t established a plan.

If you’re feeling lost as to how to create one of these plans, don’t be!

We’ve had a chat to the team at National Pacific Finance (NPF), the finance arm of the Burbank Group, to pick their brains for some insight as to how to finance your new home.


“Our goal at NPF is to lead the brokerage industry as the preferred group of accredited mortgage consultants, and to provide our customers with strong, smart and friendly service,” explains Associate Director of NPF Tamara Sanfilippo.

“Trained in knowing exactly what to look for in a loan, the team at NPF pride ourselves on finding our clients the loan that will best suit their needs, and we walk them through the entire process,” says Tamara.

Servicing a diverse range of clients, from first homebuyers to those buying their second or third homes, NPF recognize that everybody’s understanding of home loans will differ.

“Some customers come to you without financial support or knowledge, but that’s no problem- our experienced and available brokers are on offer for anyone to utilise, which allows us to assist, and create definite outcomes for their financial benefit,” says Tamara.

Brokers begin their journey with the client from the very start of their home build, which means that they can effectively gauge what each individual requires, and create an estimate of their borrowing through the simple process of asking a few questions.

When you sit down with one of the consultants at your obligation free appointment, your broker will discuss your current financial position and the loan that you seek, define your right to any entitlements including stamp-duty concessions or the the first home owners grant and use their access to over 30 lenders to ensure you end up with the loan that’s perfect for you.

“Brokers at NPF have links to land development catchments and can often point clients in the right direction, indicating to them the smartest suburbs for them to purchase in, ensuring that their new home loan fits.”

“Further, as a part of the Burbank Group, our brokers are familiar with the construction process and are able to liaise with the client regularly during the building process,” Tamara finishes.

Conveniently, NPF are a free service and operate in both Victoria and Queensland. The team will even meet you at your home if it’s more convenient to you.

If you want to find out more about the Group’s finance wing, head to the NPF website, or call 1300 367 721.

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