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Burbank Blog

A few home truths about building a home and all that surrounds it.

To travel, or to buy my first home?


The question is by no means an easy one to answer and naturally, there will be negative and positives no matter your decision.

“But why would I read an article written by Burbank Homes on whether I should buy a home or travel, they will obviously sway me to buy a home, because they are cheeky and like the monies?!”

Oh precious one, no, no, no.

While our extraordinarily affordable (and stylish!) homes are ideal for first homebuyers, this article has been written with absolute journalistic integrity to ensure both sides of the coin are explored with total transparency - for the most part at least…



Why it’s a jolly good investment! Property is one of the most secure investments a person can make, its value typically increasing over the years, unlike other large purchases like a brand spankers new car or a boat.

You got a house, you don’t gotta rent. Renting, while allowing us to live in suburbs we may not necessarily be able to afford to buy in, is a savvy saver’s nightmare. As your dad tells you regularly, rent money, is dead money, so rather than whiling away your hard earned dosh on rent, say “rent shment” and buy a house. Of course this requires savings and a steady income, but the sooner you buy, the sooner your bank account stops draining...

When you are a homeowner, you can walk around with an air of superiority, knowing you were strong enough to forfeit the smashed avos and almond lattes for something that’ll last a little while longer.


You have to pay that bad boy off. Mmm turns out houses are expensive – it can take an almighty long time to pay off your home and it’ll require a solid financial plan and a lot of hard work – but the financial and personal return will definitely be worth it.

You have to pretend to be grown up – you can’t leave the dishes to your roommate anymore sweet friend. You have to roll your sleeves up and get on with getting on. I’m talking mowing the lawns, I’m talking cleaning up, I’m talking being an adult – are you ready?

You may not be able to afford the lavish holidays/music festivals/spontaneous purchases that were once a given – you’ll need to be smarter with your moula.



You’ll find yourself. It’s all anyone’s ever wanted right? One-way-ticketing has the mysterious effect of transforming regular beings into enlightened creatures with an outlook those at home could simply never understand. Sure you might come back a bit of a narcissist, but at least you’re better than everyone else.

Travelling to new places does broaden minds and perspectives, undoubtedly altering how we live our lives upon our return.

You won’t die knowing you never travelled. Because you would have, which is good.

The food (Italian gnocchi anyone?) will rock your world.


Travelling can be very expensive, depending on the continent you choose to traipse. If you like having cash in the bank, it is likely you may not have a lot of it upon your return…

Career anxiety… do you have to pause your career to afford yourself this opportunity? Perhaps. It can certainly be frustrating seeing your uni friends bounds ahead of you when you do come home, because they stayed and did the hard yards while you did the hard partying.

But, you have to weigh this up – it’s far less likely you’ll look back on your life and think “hooly dooly I truly wish I worked harder and spent more time at the office – I hate myself for having the time of my life in Europe with croissant in hand!”


Only you can choose your path, and no matter the one you take, trust your gut and support your reasons for choosing it. #BURBANKINSPO.

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