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Home inclusions- what to expect from your home builder

The home inclusions that form the base price of a home and that are considered to be standard will vary from builder to builder, which is why it is so important to do ample research before selecting the builder that you’ll create your dream home with.

While some builders will incorporate things like driveways in their homes as standard, others may not, instead offering these fixtures at an upgrade value. As a result, the importance of doing your research and comparing the offerings of different builders has never been more vital.


So what home inclusions can you expect from Burbank as standard in your new home? Let’s find out!


Burbank offer their customers fixed site costs, which means that the price we quote initially, is the price the customer will pay. This means that council and regulatory requirements, unexpected tree removal or rock excavation costs are all covered by Burbank.


The build cost at Burbank typically comprises all standard inclusions and connections, such as those to sewer, storm water, gas and water, where available. Additionally, the floorplans displayed on the Burbank website offer the standard designs, so if you have your heart set on a design and want to know what is included in the base price, then clicking through to your chosen floorplan will make this information easily digestible.

Additionally, larger builders naturally have a larger buying power, that allows designers to incorporate latest trends, fixtures and fittings into home designs at a competitive price point.



Driveways, landscaping, fencing, clothes lines and letter boxes are all generally deemed as extras. Furniture within the home is also not offered- however something to keep in mind if you are looking for affordable, lovely furniture, is to look out for ex-display furniture sales, where the price of stunning interior pieces is greatly reduced (Burbank's Facebook page is where to head to find out the latest on our sales!).


-Do your research and select the builder that works for both your budget and your lifestyle

-Display homes are almost always adorned with the finest of a builder’s inclusions, showcasing the best the company has to offer (see our article on the perks of buying a display home),so it’s important to remember that if you want your home to be identical to the one you’ve walked through, you’ll undoubtedly need to pay a little extra

-Every design will offer different things as standard- some of our floorplans (VIC, NSW/ACT, QLD and SA) have alfresco areas included in their base price, while others may be able to be customised for an additional cost

-Most builders run promotions during the year that provide discounts or special upgrade offers to buyers, which are worth keeping an eye out for

-If you’re overwhelmed, head to a Burbank display and talk with one of our New Home Consultants, who are the experts on the home designs they are selling, and ask them to shed a little light, they will be more than happy to divulge all and help you make an informed decision- after all, there is almost no decision as important as buying and building new home!



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